In line with best practice, attached are 2 x handy SQL scripts to create:

1.       A daily SQL Database Full Backup Job, with files older than 3 days deleted (including log backups created by script #2).

2.       An hourly SQL Database Log Backup Job


They are setup for a database named “MESDB”. Perform a find and replace on “MESDB” for different databases.

They are also setup to save to “D:\STORE\Backups\SQL\*databaseName*”. If this path doesn’t exist, it will not work. Therefore you need to ensure the path is created or change it to something you wish to use, again with Find and Replace.


You will also need to ensure SQL Agent is running.

Once the scripts run, you should see something like the below in SSMS.

Right click and select ‘Start Job at Step’ to test them.